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The next day started much the same as the one before. The men were awake when the door opened, and the guards came in to escort them into the other room. Again, they were
arm3ed with automatic rifles, and they started to shout at the Americans in Arabic. They didnít understand the words, but they understood the meaning. They scrambled to their
feet, helping Luke to stand as he was still very weak. As they got up, Luke stumbled and  almost fell, he was so weak from the beating that he had taken the day before that he was barely able to walk. Truth be told, all four men were able to barely walk thanks to the pain that they felt in their ass holes from the deflowering with the rods, and the subsequent presence of the butt plugs inside of them for so long the day before. The men with the rifles herded them though the door and into the other room. When they entered the room, they were greeted by Arash, who was stinging in the middle of the circle again. This time the small table in front of him had a cloth covering something tall. The
men stood along the back wall and waited for him to address them.